Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale: a good Dragon Ball HD game is already here

Instead of waiting for a new Dragon Ball announcement from Spike (lately not very good from the technical point of view, above all with Ultimate Tenkaichi), Namco Bandai continues to develop the Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale project for Arcade, and now it reaches the new version: Super Saiyan Kakusei (or Super Saiyan Awekening, if you prefer). Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale from the gameplay point of view is directly inspired by Gundam VS, in fact you can notice immediately some differences with Raging Blast 2 or Ultimate Tenkaichi, such as the 4-player multiplayer, combined moves, deformable scenarios etc.


Returning to the multiplayer, up to 4 players can play, both both team match or free for all (Battle Royale). For this reason, a Lock-on system is there, to choose the target to face, with the possibility to change it, obviously, in any moment.

About gameplay, it looks like we cannot complain either, considering that it is possible to launch a character toward another, to hold him/her from behind and also to contemporarily blow away two enemies (see images below)



Right now there are only 28 characters (including transformations). They are few, but if this is the price to pay to have a better gameplay, then it’s good to me.


Eight arenas, higher interaction and deformable environment (better than raging blast 2 and ultimate tenkaichi, no doubts)

Story Mode

Story Mode is here as well, we can play important phase of DBZ saga, but still, characters are few for this.


In Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale: Super Saiyan Kakusei is also possible to equip accessories, change hair and costumes (even Majin Bu with pajama!)

Gameplay Videos

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